A Collection of Clichés


At some point in the future I'd like to turn myself into a robot. I'd have bionic body parts and a bottom that never farts.

My name is Jared.

I often suspect my existence is playing hide and seek with its intellect. And by that I mean I spend a lot of time lost in my head.

After turning myself into a robot I plan on being the world's craziest oldest person.
The craziest.
The oldest.
The world's craziest oldest person.

Big dreams, yo.

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Oh, the misinformation!

See it proliferate as it’s

poorly stuttered out the mouths

of ignorant and unaware drunks

stuck on their thirst for an explanation

or a change in their ideations,

unaware they haven’t even departed 

their fragmented imaginations,

fractured psyches hounded by


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Victo Ngai

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I wrote her something beautiful but only had time to copy down the intro, as I left interrupted and embarrassed I wished I’d stayed because the intro was the worst part of it all and didn’t mean anything and since I couldn’t speak writing was my only chance to communicate but of course I gave up before she found me, killed my smokes and wandered then walked to the store for more, glancing at the corner after the feelings had been slightly dulled I needed to be somewhere and someone else but couldn’t escape myself.


January 2013

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"Where Is My Mind"  by Aly Stinson

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National Poetry Slam: Sierra DeMulder


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